Workforce Intelligence

Enhance hiring. Boost productivity. Increase
retention. Powerful insights which can help you
fulfill the promise of your people.

Increased employee efficiency
Enhance productivity and output
Visibility on cost and utilization
Make the most of your greatest asset. Your workforce.

You’ve invested deeply in your people. They’re both your most powerful resource and your greatest expense. How do you make sure that every dollar, pound or yen is being spent wisely? Are you hiring the right skill sets? Providing the right training? Investing in the areas of your company or organization that will bring the most benefit?

Power your workforce with insight.
Our Workforce Intelligence Engines are designed to give you intricate insights that will help you get the most from your personnel. Get a detailed perspective on cost, capacity and engagement through multiple data streams. Model workforce scenarios to see how internal adjustments could increase efficiency and optimize output.

Identify skill sets. Gaps that need filling. And determine how your people can work together to drive results. See how your costs are translating into tangible gains. Get the big picture with easy-to-navigate, interactive visualizations that provide you with actionable insights.
KPMG Spectrum Intelligence Engines draw upon the deep industry experience and regulatory knowledge of KPMG professionals. So not only do our Intelligence Engines help you manage change, but they provide valuable insight into what those changes mean. It’s like having the expertise of KPMG onboard 24/7, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Visualize the potential.
As you outline and project how internal adjustments could increase efficiency and optimize output, you’ll also be able to analyze outcomes. Yet, the truth is, every personnel decision involves multiple stakeholders. So our Workforce Intelligence Engines will help you communicate your plans for the future with clarity and impact—using intuitive visuals and definitive data. Make your case powerfully—and profit from a more powerful workforce. 

Workforce Intelligence solutions
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